I’ve been making games for the better part of 7 years now. Here is a collection of my digital work of the last two years.

Selected Works from 2014 –┬áPresent

  • A July Before Paradise – MFA Thesis
  • Metmusic – Digital Music App for the Met MediaLab
  • Arboria – Game Creation Tool for iPads/Android Tablets
  • Frispee – Game made in 52 hours on a Train
  • Beautiful Ugly – An Exquisite Corpse of interactive vignettes centering around glitch
  • In the Snow – First Person Poem about being stranded on an ice planet

Pre-2014 Work

SlashDash is a game I worked on previous to going to the NYU Game Center. I was a producer and game designer on the team till I decided to go back to school for an MFA. SlashDash was released on Xbox One on July 17, 2015.